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Shared Administrative Services

Shared Administrative Services

Shared Administrative Services (SAS) was created out of a need to be innovative and streamline how we operate due to recent budget cuts. The pandemic revealed that centralizing services under a single division and in a cohesive manner can be more efficient than compartmentalized processes and better serves our students. The creation of SAS also addresses the inequity in the availability and level of administrative support between units - and the expectations of these roles from one unit to the next.

Why Shared Administrative Services (SAS)?

One of the Chancellor's priorities is to "be more efficient." Each institution and the system as a whole needs to find "opportunities to be more efficient and make college more accessible." The system office's SSC was created because centralizing and standardizing certain administrative functions is just more efficient. While the USG continues to study additional opportunities to expand its shared services, CSU should take this opportunity to meet the Chancellor's call for increasing efficiency.

Where will the new department be located?

Shared Administrative Services (SAS) will be located on the garden level of Illges Hall once renovations are completed.

What services will SAS offer?

The new department will consist of two primary channels, "General Administration and Travel" and "Purchasing, Procurement, and Budgets." See below for an overview of the services offered by each channel.

  • General Administration and Travel
    • Travel Applications
    • Assist Departments with Administrative Duties
      • University Switchboard
      • Contact Potential Students
      • Answer Department Calls As Needed
      • Day to Day Budget Management
      • Vendor Management
      • Contract Terms Review
  • Purchasing, Procurement, and Budgets
    • Enter Purchase Requests into eProcurement
    • Tracking Purchase Orders
    • Compile Quotes for Services & Equipment Requests
    • Maintain Vendor Relationships
    • Contracts Processing
    • Budget Analysis Projects
    • Budget Checking for eProcurement Purchases
    • Inventory Management
    • Contract Terms Review

Workflow Overview

SAS will leverage the existing eQuest system to manage requests that come into the department. It all begins with the faculty or staff member with a need. That faculty or staff member can reach out to SAS by submitting an eQuest themselves or calling a SAS Specialist who will then submit the eQuest on the faculty or staff member's behalf. The SAS Coordinators then will assign all incoming requests based on the due date and the staff that are available to process the work order. For a more visual breakdown of this process, download the PDF below.

How SAS Works For You

SAS eQuest Overview (PDF)

Shared Administrative Services Workflow (PDF)